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The Eucharistic Crusade is a powerful tool of sanctification. Through it, children learn to get in the habit of praying and doing sacrifices. However, children will do their duties in the Eucharistic Crusade well only if their parents are behind them, to stimulate them, and remind them about filling up their treasure sheet.

#1 How my child can become a member of the Eucharistic Crusade?

A child becomes full pledge in the Eucharistic Crusade when he is officially received in one of the three Degrees of the Crusade, namely PAGE, CRUSADER or KNIGHT (HANDMAID for girls). Meanwhile, a child is being introduced to the Eucharistic Crusade when he is subscribed to the monthly Magazine, The Guardian of Crusaders, and attends the meetings of the Crusade.

#2 What are the obligations of a member of the Eucharistic Crusade?
-The basic obligations, common to all levels
  to say the morning offering, with the intention of the month given in the bulletin;
and to fill out and send out the total of the Month's treasure sheet.
-The special obligations proper to each degree in the Crusade:
  Pages: Just the basic obligations, along with their usual morning & night prayers.
  Crusaders: on top of the basic obligations, a Crusader must
    -say at least one decade of the rosary each day,
-receive Holy Communion at least every Sunday, whenever possible,
-go to Confession at least once a month,
-make a Sacrifice each day &
-fight against the dominant fault.
  Knights: On top of the obligations of a Crusader, a knight must
    -say the five decades of the Rosary each day,
- go to confession every second week,
- make a daily Spiritual Communion, or make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and
- do 15 minutes of meditation each day.
    (The child does not need to say these prayers double, if they are already part of the family prayers)

#3 Is my child bound under pain of sin by these promises?
No, but like everybody, he should not be slothful about his life of prayer.

#4 When and Where do I have to send the treasure sheet's total of the Month?
You can remit it personally to Fr. Boulet, before the tenth of each Month or email it to

It can also be mailed to: 

Eucharistic Crusade,
45 Guthrie Avenue
Etobicoke, ON  M8Y 3L2

#5 What to do with old treasure sheets that were lost, and you just recovered?
Bring them anyway. I will included them in the total of the previous month.


These are available, in French, on the web site of the seminary of Ecône, Switzerland: