Eucharistic Crusade

St. Christopher

Dear Crusaders,


In the old days, as says a pious tale, there was a gigantic man who was very strong.  That gigantic man had only one thing in mind: to serve the most powerful man in the world.  He heard about a mighty emperor, of whom everybody was afraid. So, he became that emperor’s servant, and was fighting in the emperor’s wars. One day, a singer came to the castle to sing for the king.  In one of the songs, the name of the devil was mentioned.  Right away, the king made the sign of the cross. The gigantic man asked the king why he was doing so. The king answered: “this is to make sure that the devil will not harm me.” To which he answered back, laughing: “What, you are afraid of someone? Aren’t you the most powerful king? Let me find the one you are afraid of.” So the gigantic man went to the devil, found him and became his servant. One day, they came by a big crucifix by a road corner. The devil stopped, refused to pass by, and made a detour. That was it: the gigantic man left the devil right away, to find out the one whom the devil was afraid of. He then met a pious hermit, who advised him to stand by the river, and to help to carry the pilgrims who were going to pray at the shrine across the river. The gigantic man did this for many years. One night, when it was stormy, he heard the voice of a little child, who was asking him to carry him on his shoulders. As he put the child upon his shoulders, he appeared to be light as feather. But, the more the gigantic man was walking deep into the river, the more that child appeared to be heavy, up to the point of almost smashing him to the bottom of the river. At last, the gigantic man knew who was the strongest. He bowed his forehead to receive the grace of baptism.  Now, we know him as St. Christopher, which means literally: the one who carried Christ.

Dear children, you don’t need to look for the strongest master. You have known him already for a long time. Remember St. Christopher, and be dedicated to serve faithfully the strongest master, the king of heaven and earth, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Dominique Boulet

* On September 7th I’ll say the monthly Mass for the intentions of the Eucharistic Crusade

* Send all correspondence to:

Eucharistic Crusade
3012 – 37 Street
Vernon, BC
V1T 6G5



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