Martyr of the Month

Sts. Cyprian and Justina

Feast Day – September 26

            St. Cyprian was born to parents who worshiped idols. They taught him all kinds of wicked beliefs and superstitions.   They even offered him to the Devil!  What a terrible thing to do!  Cyprian, having learned these wicked practices, did terrible crimes, blasphemed Christ, and committed secret murders!

            There lived at Antioch a young Christian lady named Justina.  She was of noble birth and very beautiful.  A pagan nobleman named Agladius, fell in love with her.  But Justina wished to remain a Virgin and did not want to marry. So he asked Cyprian for help. 

            Cyprian, who was also in love with Justina, tried every way possible to make her change her mind.  Justina saw that these men were evil!  So she watched and prayed, and did penance.  She did this so that she would not sin. She wanted to always be faithful to Jesus and Mary. 

            Cyprian, saw that he was being overcome by a more Superior Power!  So he began to consider and question the weakness of the Devils, and resolved to quit serving them.  St. Cyprian converted to the Catholic Faith and was baptized.  Agladius the pagan nobleman, also converted to the Catholic Faith.

            The persecution of Diocletian broke out at that time, and Cyprian and Justina were seized and presented to Diocletian himself, who judged them.  Justina was scourged and Cyprian was torn with iron hooks.  After this they were both sent back to Diocletian in chains.  He commanded that their heads be cut off, and they died; martyrs for the Faith!

            To look back on St. Cyprian’s early life, we see how his human nature, filled with sin and evil habits, was turned around by the grace of God.  Through St. Justina’s prayers and penances and sacrifices, Cyprian realized what he was doing wrong and converted to the Catholic Church.  Let us beg of God to send us grace to resist temptation, and to do His most Holy Will at all times!

St. Cyprian and St. Justina, Pray for Us!