Eucharistic Crusade

St. Cecilia Martyr



Cecilia was a lovely Roman girl. She loved Jesus with all her heart. But a young Roman wanted to marry her. She told him she belonged to Our Lord alone. At first he and his brother were very angry. They tried to force marriage on her. But when the young man walked toward Cecilia, he saw her strong, beautiful Guardian Angel standing at her side.

The young man at once became a Christian. So did his brother. The roman soldiers came and took all three of them prisoners. They cried, "offer sacrifice to our gods." Bt Cecilia though just a young woman, spoke for all of them. "We love and serve only the true God," she answered. So all three went to Heaven together in martyrdom. Just a few years ago, Ceilia's body was found in its grave in Rome. Though she had been dead for almost eighteen hundred years, her body was still fresh and sweet and beautiful, as if she were asleep. Her Feast is: November 22nd.


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