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Feast Day - March 5th

                During the persecutions of Diocletian, there was a Governor by the name of Firmilian who had killed many Christians.  He ruled Palestine, and the city of Caesarea.    Adrian and Eubulus, who lived in the country called Magantia, went to Caesarea, to visit some people there.  When they reached the gates of the city the guard demanded, “Where are you going and what are you planning to do in this city?” 

The two innocent fellows told the guard, “We are Christians and we are going to visit some holy confessors”.

“So you are Christians!” the guard shouted, “We do not like Christians in this city!  I have orders to take you to the President!” and off they marched. 

Soon they stood before the President.  When he found out that the two men were Christians he cried out, “So you are Christians!  I hate Christians!  Guard!  Take these men to the torture chambers! They must have their sides torn and then be thrown to the wild beasts!” he scorned.

Two days later when the pagans of Caesarea were celebrating a feast, they took poor Adrian and threw him to a lion!  The lion was not very hungry and only tore his body some more, with his claws.  As time passed by, seeing that the lion did not eat Adrian, a soldier killed the poor man with his sword.  Eubulus was treated in the same manner two days later.  On seeing him the judge cried, “Eubulus, I will set you free if you will sacrifice to our idols.”       

“What good is it if I gain the whole world and suffer the loss of my soul?” Eubulus exclaimed.  He was suffering from the torture he had been through.  “I prefer to die the glorious death of a martyr; then I will be safe in the arms of Jesus and Mary in Heaven!”  On hearing this, the angry soldier killed Eubulus.

Reflection:  If we carry our crosses after Christ, then we will be worthy of the name of Christian.  We must accept the cross that the good God has given us, in order to get to Heaven.  We must carry our cross like Jesus did.  We must bear our sufferings like Jesus did.  Remember the words of St. Louis de Montfort that tell about Jesus and the two thieves who hung on crosses on Calvary, “Like a saint (Jesus) we must suffer, or a penitent thief, (good thief who died and went to heaven) or a reprobate in endless grief; (bad thief who died and went to hell).

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