Eucharistic Crusade

St. Lucy Martyr



When Lucy was a little girl in Italy, her Mother was very ill. "Let's pray," said Lucy, "and I know you'll get well." So they prayed at the little church of St. Agatha in Rome. Suddenly St. Agatha appeared to Lucy. "Lucy, my sister!" she said to the little girl, "your Mother will be well. But you will die a martyr for Christ." Next morning, her mother was well. Lucy was very rich. In gratitude she gave her money to the poor. Then she became a nun.

It happened that a young man who did not believe in Christ loved Lucy. He wanted her to marry him. When he heard she was a nun, he was furious. He ran to the Roman Judges. "Lucy is a Christian," he said. The soldiers seized her. They threw her into a raging fire. But the flames did not hurt her. God protected her pure body. So the soldiers plunged a sword into her heart and her pure soul went straight to Heaven. Her Feast is: December 13th.


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