A New Kind of Sin?

To give in to simple curiosity about the Society of St. Pius X

For Msgr. Gallo it is a sin, but Rome says’ ok

In the pages of the BC Catholic, Msgr. Gallo, has repeatedly belittled the Latin Mass and accused the Society of St. Pius X of being schismatic and excommunicated.  For him, a Catholic who simply shows interest in the SSPX is placing himself in a near occasion of sin.

Before answering such enormity, I would like to consider the question of the membership in the Church. One of the most important Catholic beliefs is that “out of the Church, there is no salvation.” But now, Catholics are told that members of other religions don’t have to convert, but rather that they should dialogue and be friendly with them.  This new concept is called Ecumenism.  As a result, many Catholics think that everybody goes to heaven, no matter what religion they belong to.

If everybody goes to heaven, then what remains on the list of forbidden sins?  Murder or theft?  Msgr. Gallo warns us about a new kind of sin, and admonishes Catholics not to give in to “simple curiosity about the Society of St. Pius X”.  For him, it is tantamount to “being in a near occasion not only of sin, but also of sympathizing with their heresy.”  Msgr. Perl, secretary of the Ecclesia Dei commission, in Rome, has a different opinion.  On January 18, 2003, he answered the question:  “Can I fulfill my Sunday obligation by attending a Pius X Mass?” His response was: “In the strict sense you may fulfill your Sunday obligation by attending a Mass celebrated by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X.”  Nevertheless, Msgr. Gallo goes as far as to state that “this adherence (to SSPX) is made by a positive act of the will by which one abdicates from the Catholic faith and is ipso facto excommunicated.”  Again, Cardinal Hoyos, president of the same Ecclesia Dei commission, has a different opinion.  He affirmed that, after studying carefully what the SSPX members said and did, he reached the conclusion that there is nothing heretical nor schismatical in their behaviour.  I would like to challenge Msgr. Gallo to find out any article of the Catholic faith which is ‘denied’ by SSPX members.  But, maybe, the only ‘heresy’ of the SSPX is to dare to criticize the super-dogma of the modern Church, namely the Vatican II Council.

In the Society of St. Pius X, we made the choice to obey not only to one council and three popes, but to all the 21 councils and 264 successors of St. Peter.  If we reject the present day novelties, it is not out of contempt of authority or out of pride, but it is as much as they depart from the constant teaching of the Church. 

Rev. Dominique Boulet, SSPX

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